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LGBT & Gay Friendly Destinations

     Our Top Destinations for LGBT Friendly,  Gay Honeymoons and Same Sex Destination Weddings

Selecting the right destination for your honeymoon, wedding or romantic getaway is very important. Our Certified Destination Specialist's will guide you through the best LGBT friendly and IGLTA recommended island destinations and help you select the right resort to fit your vision, style and budget.  


Aruba is ONE HAPPY ISLAND!  Located in the Caribbean, just north of Venezuela and outside of the hurricane alley - you'll find pristine beaches, calm soft waters and very friendly people!  The Island has very unique history and colorful culture and the people here pride themselves on Aruba's diversity


Many hotels in Aruba are members of offer specials for Aruba honeymoon couples, including room upgrades, champagne, massages, dinners and more.  ,.  Contact one of our Honeymoon Specialist for full  full details of the One Happy Honeymoon program*. 


FIND GLTA membes and/or TAG approved hotels in  Aruba 


Bora Bora is often called the Jewel of the Pacific.  This tiny French Polynesian island is a favorite among world travelers, for pure romance and it's gay and LGBT friendliness.


Tahiti & Bora Bora are one of the most romantic places on earth and offer something for every romance seeker - luxury accommodations including private, overwater bungalows, unspoiled beaches, crystal clear waters, vibrant marine life, rugged mountains, and great hospality. 


FIND IGLTA members and/or TAG approved hotels in Bora Bora


Cancun and Riviera Maya are just about as perect as possible - from the Incredibly warm hospitality to the crystal clear turquoise water and  white sand beaches.  The region has something for everyone including  some of the best snokeling and diving in the world as we as an abundance of cultural sites and activities.  


Cancun offers great nightlife, world class shopping while Riviera Maya & Playa Mujeres offer a more relaxing atmostphere, in tune with the enviroment.  Both Cancun and Riviera Maya have some of the best, LGBT Friendly hotels & all inclusive resorts.


Pura Vida!  Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations becuase of it's total diversity and is the most LGBT/gay-friendly country in Central America.


Costa Rica is very rich in natural beauty with it's rainforests, volcanos, white & black sand beaches, waterfalls, hotsprings and amazing wildlife.  Combe all this with the great options for LGBT friendly hotels - Costa Rica is the perfect destination for an amazing honeymoon, couples getaway or destination wedding.   


The island of Curaçao is warm and welcoming to the Gay and Lesbian community and offers excellent gay friendly hotels & attractions.  


The Curacao Tourist Board says "everyone is welcome in Curaçao."   The island offers diverse culture, art galleries, beaches, museums, fine accommodations and exquisite cuisine througout the island.  


The Island of hawaii, especially Maui are fast becoming of of the most popular spots for Honeymoons an Destination weddings for LGBT travelers.  Helvetica Light is an easy to read font, with tall and narrow letters, that works well on almost every site.


Puerto Rico, one of the most gay friendly islands in the Carribean and has luxurous resorts, great restaurants and lots of local nightlife.  


The island offers great beaches, lots of activities including zip lining, hiking and beautiufl in lush rainforests… And don't forget the swimming, surfing, diving and sailing through azure blue waters…or sit back, relax and enjoy a world class spa! 


 Puerto Rico is the perfect destination for a romantic getaway!


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