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Things to see & do while on your honeymoon

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Your honeymoon is an exciting time. It’s your first chance to relax after the wedding and really spend some quality time together. Make the most of your romantic setting and your giddy newlywed status. The holiday experts at Holidays for Couples share their favourite romantic things to do on your honeymoon:


1. Book a couples massage or spa treatment

Oh the heavenly delight of hours spent being massaged with perfumed oils, gently scrubbed with exotic skin treatments, steamed in herbal saunas, soaking together after it all in a bathtub made for two and filled with floating flower petals! Many luxury spas offer special couples treatments that are tailor made to promote peace and total relaxation in a romantic and intimate setting.


2. Enjoy the sunsets and sunrises together

Whether you’re on a tropical beach or atop a snow capped mountain, it’s the start and end of each day that can set the scene for the most romantic moments together. Sunsets in particular are the perfect time to bring along a chilled bottle of champagne to toast each other, or a cocktail from the pool bar to sip on while you walk along the beach or find a scenic spot to just sit and watch the colours unfold before you on the horizon. Be still and just enjoy the moment together.


3. Enjoy a candlelight dinner

Yes, it’s a cliché. But it’s so true that a candlelight dinner can be one of the most romantic things any couple, let along honeymooners, can do together. Some hotels and spas even offer honeymooners a package deal that includes a romantic dinner either in your room, or set apart from everyone else in your own private retreat where you can get dressed up and enjoy a sumptuous meal with just the two of you. Or, you could arrange your own style of romantic dinner – pack a picnic basket with gourmet goodies, good wine, candles and a throw to sit on, and head off to a picturesque locale where no one will disturb you.


4. Plan some romantic activities for two

Honeymoons aren’t all about rest and relaxation! You need to have fun together too, and enjoy the best of what’s on offer. Check out what activities and adventures can be had locally at your chosen honeymoon destination, and tailor an activity day to suit. It may be a carriage ride through the park, a horse ride along the beach, a gondola ride along the canals, balloon rides over the mountains, a vineyard day trip and wine tasting tour, bungee jumping at a gorge, helicopter rides across the ski slopes, surfing lessons or canoe hire … go out and have fun together, be a couple, exchange interests and you may just find out you share the thrill of adventure.


5. Just spend time together!

It’s the most simple ways to be romantic. Turn off the TV and mobile phones, put some beautiful music on, maybe give each other a massage, order in room service, have a bath together, sit down and talk about what made you fall in love with the other, what you want to experience together as husband and wife, what your dreams are for your future together. Just be with each other. When you go home from the honeymoon, it’s back to the daily grind … these moments will help lay the foundation for more wonderful times ahead in your marriage. And there won’t always be an ideal setting to ‘be romantic’. It’s in the simple pleasure of just being with each other that you can find the most romantic moments of all


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